The Fastest way to buy a car without hassle.

Bypass the standard buying process when you enter any dealership today! Los Angeles Federal Credit Union offers the FastPass app for access to answers all things auto, such as trade-in values, vehicle reliability reports or fair market pricing for any vehicle and more.

Out of the dealer in less than 90 minutes or we send you a $50 Dollar Amazon Gift Card.*

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The FastPass App helps you prepare to buy your next vehicle.

Before you go shopping for your next vehicle, you can now validate your shopping assumptions with a certified Auto Advisor inside the FastPass app. The app will prompt you view, answer and understand the questions ALL dealerships will ask you in their “sales closing process”. People who are best prepared always get the best deal and do not spend all day at the dealer.

The Best Loan

Participating credit unions offer low interest rates and amazing personalize service.

Auto Advisor Assist

Loan ready, now talk with your personal Auto Advisor In-App to plan.

Purchase Planning

Dealers thrive when shoppers are unprepared. Answer 6 questions before you enter a dealership.


Trade-In Value?

A key strategy must be followed to save thousands of dollars.

What to Expect

Dealerships have time proven sales tactics to maximize profits.


Enter any dealership and your Auto Advisor is in your App, waiting.


Auto Industry Experts Fighting for You!

All dealership sales team have sold thousands of cars this year practicing sale profit strategies proven successful over decades. How can you compete successfully? The Solution is in your FastPass App.

Before shopping, your App will help you prepare. When you enter any dealership, your Auto Advisor will be standing by.

Experience Power and Confidence Today!!

Dealerships Appreciate Prepared Customers.

When you walk into any dealership prepared using Auto Advisors suggestions, you can drive your new car home in two hours or less.

Locate Your Car: Determine your top two choices and fair price range for each. Search local dealers for selection.

Contact Dealer: Set an appointment with your credit union dealer contact stating you are not buying today.

Walk in and Test Drive: Knowing the exact car, they have the keys ready when you walk in, pricing is done, like it?

Your Money Is In Your Phone: Dealers to use your loan information in your phone to calculate your monthly payment.

Need More Money?: Instantly connect with your loan officer from your App to request more money or to change your loan term.

Stick to Your Budget: Finance managers are the top sales people in the dealership. Using your Purchase Plan will keep you on-track.


Getting Pre-Approved for an Auto Loan is the Key!

Once you have your loan approved, your money and terms of the loan are inside FastPass. Being Approved is EXACTLY like bringing cash with you for your purchase. When you have cash, you hold all the cards when negotiating a fair price and speeding up the buying process. Stick to the Purchase Plan you documented with your Auto Advisor and let the dealership know, you do not need other finance options. Support your Lender and fund using their financing to purchase your vehicle.

Your Lender Supports Group Buying Power. Win Together!!

Bypass the Standard Sales Process and Win!

Stick to the Plan

Everyone with financing in hand, price firm agreed on, without a trade in should get out of the dealership in around one hour. Typically this never happens but if you stick to the plan, and set expectations with the dealer you will Win.

FastPass Purchase Plan

FastPass provides a step by step Purchase Plan as a tool to bypass standard dealer tactics designed to maximize their profits. Easy to follow and guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars off retail pricing and trade-in valuation loss.

The smartest thing any shopper can do is arrange for financing with your local credit union prior to setting foot on a car lot. Pre-financing is the key to saving time and money when buying your next vehicle. Yes, you can apply for an auto loan from a local non-profit credit union and receive low rates and by far, the best service. Credit Unions are your best financial partners for life.